How Smitty's Works


Great! You're going to the movies, but now you're faced with that unpleasant decision: Eat before the movie or after the movie? Will you finish dinner in time for the movie? Will you starve during the movie if you wait? Smitty's Cinema removes the stress of planning two events in one night by combining them into one fun and highly entertaining event!


Smitty's theaters are built for comfort, with plush lounge chairs and long tables so that you can relax and dine while you watch your favorite movies.


Smitty's puts the focus on food, serving a wide-ranging comfort food menu that has everything from nachos and wings to steak tips and quesadillas.  Our friendly servers take your order at your seat and deliver hot and tasty food, taking great care to serve efficiently and accurately.  Our servers will let you enjoy your movie, but will be available when needed.

And if you’re a traditionalist, of course we have popcorn, candy, and soda, too!

Theaters open one hour before show time, so you can plan your day or night just the way you like.


Would an ice cold beer or nice glass of chardonnay interest you while you watch your movie?  Perhaps a cosmopolitan or margarita is more your thing.  Well, you can get those, too.  And don’t forget dessert.  We serve ice cream sundaes, red velvet cheesecake, chocolate lava cake, and even old time root beer floats.

Stop by Smitty's Cinema today, and you'll agree—it's the only way to see a movie!


This convenient one-stop entertainment solution was the brainchild of four brothers from Merrimac, Massachusetts who opened a single-screen cinema pub in early 1992. The idea of eating in big, comfortable chairs while watching a movie was an instant hit, and people are now enjoying five Smitty’s Cinemas across Maine and New Hampshire.